The CAF HBCU Alumni Brunch


“The only place on an HBCU campus more important than the Yard was: THE CAF!” As an attendee of the ILLUSTRIOUS Howard University (the one, only and realest HU there ever was), I can attest that no truer words have been spoken! What an amazing vibe there was at The CAF HBCU Alumni Brunch Series Boston edition. Created by Dorchester native Sharra Amanda, we gathered together at Crave Mad for Chicken in Chinatown to rep our schools (don't be mad PWI folk - ya'll were welcome too)! With my delicious chicken and waffle entree on deck and Mai Tai secured, I found myself bopping to the Southern bangers reminiscent of my undergrad days while having my behind handed to me in a card game of UNO! Sidenote: I learned there are no friends in a game of UNO! Good times indeed! This brunch series is hitting the road so definitely check it out in a city near you!

-Genevieve Angelique