About Boston Come Through

Boston Come Through is a hub for discovering the who, what, where, when, why and how of Black Boston. This platform is run by two Boston creatives - Genevieve and Crystal. Genevieve is a blogger and events photographer while Crystal is a media producer and videographer. Together they curate a weekly listing of social and community events while producing a live radio show and podcast on Boston Free Radio. Boston Come Through seeks to be a central platform to connect all of the multicultural and multi-talented communities that comprise Black Boston. So, Boston, COME THROUGH!

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Genevieve Angelique

Genevieve Angelique is a creative entrepreneur whose media career began with the November 2016 launch of her lifestyle blog, Genevieve Angelique - a platform that would birth the initial concept of Boston Come Through. Disappointed with the lack of positive attention that the Black community in Boston receives, Genevieve has made it her mission to highlight the best that Black Boston has to offer and does this by providing event coverage and recap services. Follow Genevieve and all her shenanigans on social media @Genevieve_Angelique.


Crystal aka The Crystal Lens

Crystal is a first-generation Barbadian-American who grew up in Boston and has always had a passion for media – often through a social justice lens. In 2017, Crystal began The Crystal Lens as a media platform with the purpose of highlighting the diverse and intersectional voices that are often forgotten and/or silenced in society. You can keep up with this social justice warrior on social media @TheCrystalLens.